Monday, June 16, 2014

Half Time Show 2014

The 2014 half time show is ready!  Click HERE to listen to the show.  Read below to make sense of the cuts that have been made in order to splice together the perfect show for our band this fall.

Movement 1:
Goldfinger m. 1 - m.19 (beat 1)
James Bond Theme m.3 - end

Movement 2:
Skyfall m.1 - m.22 + m.33 - end

Movement 3:
Mission Impossible m.1 - m.31 + 8 bar DRUMBREAK + m.57 - m.59 + m.62

Die Another Day/Live and Let Die/James Bond Theme m. 65 - end

We will have also a few "throw away tunes" that we will add to the show throughout the season to keep each half time new and different for our audience.  Those will be handed out and taught during band camp.

VETERANS - do your BEST to come to camp with the show music, fight song, and national anthem