Friday, May 22, 2015

Symphonic Band 5.22.15

Today you will take time in class to assess Tuesday night's performance from the perspective of a critical listener using the North Carolina Bandmasters Association MPA assessment rubrics as an evaulation tool.  Watch and listen to each link below from the perspective of an audience member rather than a musician on stage and complete a rubric FOR EACH PIECE.  Some of the selections have been captured in three separate recordings for ease of uploading but you should still only complete ONE rubric for EACH PIECE.

Click HERE to see the NCBA rubric guidelines, descriptors, key words.

March of the Belgian Paratroopers
Prelude, Siciliano & Rondo Part 1
Prelude, Siciliano & Rondo Part 2
Prelude, Siciliano & Rondo Part 3
The Ascension Part 1
The Ascension Part 2
The Ascension Part 3
Endless Rainbows
Mountain Dance

Once you have completed all FIVE rubrics, click on the link below and answer the questions in the Google doc titled "Spring Concert Review."   Be sure to SAVE A COPY of the document first.  Title your copy as follows:  Spring Concert Review - YOUR NAME

When you have completed the concert review, SHARE it with

Click HERE to view the document titled "Spring Concert Review"